Spreading the message – if you allow us to use your photos.

We love analog. Please help us to spread our message and allow us to publish your awesome photo on our channels, including social media and websites or our partners. These are the terms:

  • If we see that you produce awesome photos we ask you for your consent to publish the relevant photos.
  • There are basically to ways to contact you: We can either ask you to give your consent by e-mail if become aware of your photographs in connection with our services. Or we contact you through the relevant social media, e.g. if we see that you have tagged us.
  • We will first ask you for your permission to review your material that we have on storage. If you agree we will review your material and inform you about the photo(s) that we find particularly awesome.
  • We will then ask you for consent to publish the specific photo(s) on our website, our own social media channels or any online channels of our partners.
  • If you give your consent, you grant us the non-exclusive, worldwide and perpetual right to publish free-of-charge copies of the specific photo, which is covered by your consent, on our website, in our social media accounts or other channels and/or on the website or social media accounts and other channels of our partners (such as KODAK® or PHASE ONE®).
  • With your consent you agree that we retrieve copies of the relevant photos from our storage or back-up and that we change size and colours for publication purposes.
  • With your consent you confirm that persons shown on your photo have agreed that the photo will be published.
  • If we use your photos, we will add or have added a copyright notice as usual and possible in the relevant channel (e.g. by tagging the photo with your name).
  • You can give your consent by e-mail or through a social medial message. We will process your personal data to store your consent. For mor details regarding our Privacy Policy, please see here.