How do I open JP2?

JP2 files (JPEG2000) can be opened with usual programs like Preview on a Mac, Photoshop, Capture One, or free programs like IrfanView or XnConvert.

Please note that older versions of Photoshop might give an error message when opening the files, however that can be ignored.

Lightroom does not support JPEG2000 unfortunately. If you want to use Lightroom please use a different program to convert the images before. We suggest XnConvert for easy batch processing.


Why JP2?

Many people have had problems with the download of the TIFF folders, since they were up to 70GB in size. With JP2 we have found a solution that allows a lossless format while being significantly smaller.

We still deliver 16 bit files, so you get the same quality as you would with TIFFs. But downloading your images will be a lot easier and faster!

For a visual instruction please see this YouTube Video

Can I take my films with me on a plane?

As long as you have your SILBERSALZ35 films in your carry-on baggage, you’ll be fine.
Almost all carry-on baggage scanners work with an amount of X-ray radiation harmless to SILBERSALZ35.

If you want to be safe, you can ask the security personnel for a “hands-on check”. That’s a decision which can only be made by the security personnel but works most of the time.

Is there a table, chart, or formula for the reciprocity penalty? (Schwarzschild effekt)
Reciprocity Characteristics SILBERSALZ35 250D 
No exposure or filter compensation is required for exposure times from 1⁄1000 of a second to 1 second.
If your exposure is in the 10-second range, increase your exposure 1 stop and use a KODAK WRATTEN Gelatin Filter Color Compensating CC10R.


Reciprocity Characteristics SILBERSALZ35 250D 
No filter corrections or exposure adjustments for exposure times from 1⁄1000 of a second to 1 second.
In the 10-second range, increase exposure 1⁄3 stop and use a KODAK Color Compensating Filter CC10R.


Reciprocity Characteristics SILBERSALZ35 500T
No exposure or filter compensation is required for exposure times from 1⁄1000 to 1⁄10 second. 
If your exposure is in the 1-second range, increase your exposure 2⁄3 stop and use a 
KODAK WRATTEN Gelatin Filter CC10R. In the 10-second range, 
increase exposure 1 stop and use a KODAK WRATTEN Gelatin Filter CC10R.


Reciprocity Characteristics SILBERSALZ35EI 200T
No exposure or filter compensation is required for 
exposure times from 1⁄1000 of a second to 1 second.


For further technical information please find the Cinematographers Field Guide here:
What does Digital Only & Negative Return mean?

If you order a Digital Only Pack, you won’t have any option to get your negatives back after scanning. They will be safely destroyed two weeks after scanning.

By ordering a Negative Return Pack, you will receive  your negatives. Once all the packs within your order, which must include Negative Return, are back in our lab, we will prepare the shipping and provide you with your negatives.

Can I pickup my SILBERSALZ35 order locally?

You will see this option during checkout, if it is available for your order.

If your order doesn’t include Negative Return, you can pick up your packs in Stuttgart and no shipping fees will be charged. In that case please drop us a mail to set an appointment.

If your order includes Negative Return, you can still pickup your negatives, but shipping fees must be charged.


I lost my return sticker. What should I do now?

No problem! 

The return sticker is just an address label.
The shipping fees for the return shipment must be covered by you. 
Just send your exposed films to:

Nauheimerstrasse 69A
70372 Stuttgart

We recommend to insure the shipping and set up a tracking for a safer shipment.

Which exposure settings would you recommend?

We recommend to overexpose SILBERSALZ35 films by one stop.

In case you choose the Bleach Bypass method for processing, we recommend exposing SILBERSALZ35 by box speed.

Why should I shoot analog?

Shooting analog means: you focus on what really matters: light, framing and story. Shooting analog is the best way to improve your photography skills.

Benefit from the unique quality, look and texture of analog film stocks.

Are you guys crazy?

Maybe. We just love what we do.

On our journey producing more beautiful, unique and breakthrough films, we fell in love with true cinefilm.

We wanted to share this passion with the world. That’s why SILBERSALZ35 was born.

We think that everyone should be able to enjoy the beauty of true analog cinefilm. That’s why we are so committed and working hard on keeping SILBERSALZ35 as affordable and usable as possible.

How does SILBERSALZ35 compare to digital?

Compared to digital, shooting SILBERSALZ35 will give you plenty aesthetic advantages:

  • Your colors will look amazing. Your skin tones will feel really natural, soft and organic.
  • Highlights will be very soft and pleasing.
  • You will notice a great, organic grain structure.

SILBERSALZ35 scans feature 21 Megapixels resolution, 13 stops of dynamic range and our unique SILBERSALZ35 color science.

How does SILBERSALZ35 compare to other stocks?

SILBERSALZ35 gives you true cinefilm look without compromise – professional ECN2 processing, 21.4 Megapixel scanning and JPEG/RAW delivery included.

Compared to photo film this means for you:

  • Exceptional color and look
  • Native tungsten and daylight stocks available
  • High dynamic range
  • Softer and more organic skin tones
  • More organic grain structure

SILBERSALZ35 real cinefilm features the unsurpassed image quality, real-world flexibility, digital compatibility and archival stability that you demand.

Which flavor should I choose?


You should definitely test all SILBERSALZ35 stocks and choose depending on your shooting situation.

050D Daylight (5500K) is a low-speed color negative motion picture film.

          Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015)

          12 Years a Slave (2013)

          James Bond 007 – Spectre (2015)

250D Daylight (5500K) is a mid-speed color negative motion picture film.

          La La Land (2016)

          Transcendence (2014)

          Furious 7 (2015)

200T Tungsten (3200K) is a mid-speed color negative motion picture film.

          Super 8 (2011)

          The Hateful Eight (2015)

          Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (2015)

500T Tungsten (3200K) is a high-speed color negative motion picture film.

          Inglourious Basterds (2009)

          The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

          The Imitation Game (2014)

What is BBP – Bleach Bypass Processing?

BBP is for brave SILBERSALZ35 users only. It provides an even more cinematic and unique look.

For BBP processing we skip the bleach bath for processing. Why? Skipping the bleach bath gives you a lot more contrast and way less saturation, especially in the reds and blues.

Some notable cinematographers that have used Bleach Bypass Processing are Darius Khondji, Dariusz Wolski, Walter Carvalho, Oliver Stapleton, Newton Thomas Sigel, and Janusz Kamiński (notably on Steven Spielberg’s `Saving Private Ryan´ and `Minority Report´).

When using BBP, we recommend exposing SILBERSALZ35 by box speed.

Where do I get a compatible camera?

It’s easy. For no more than 50 bucks you can get a beautiful analog camera.

For beginners, we recommend the Canon AE-1.

Do you support cameras using DX-code?

We do not support cameras reliant to DX-code yet. Please make sure you can manually change your camera’s ISO.

How should I store SILBERSALZ35?

Film likes it chilly. Exposed and unexposed film should be stored using your original SILBERSALZ35 pack in the fridge (13 °C or below).

Is there an expiration date?
Yes. Due to that we only provide processing service within the first 12 months after purchase.
Exposed and unexposed film should be stored using the original SILBERSALZ35 pack in the fridge at 13 °C or below.
How do I get my films developed?

Your images will be processed and scanned for you with love. Just send in your pack of SILBERSALZ35 to the following address:

Tübinger Strasse 17A
70178 Stuttgart

Within 14 days you’ll get your processed and scanned images on a personal download page.

For better protection store the cartridges in the original pack.

When should I send in the exposed films?

Our tests have shown that exposed film should be processed as soon as possible.

Exposed and unexposed film should be stored using the original SILBERSALZ35 pack in the fridge at 13 °C or below.

Can I send in single cartridges?

You can, although we do not recommend it.

Each pack of SILBERSALZ35 comes with one cycle of processing. A processing cycle includes up to four cartridges. You can send us less than four cartridges of your SILBERSALZ35 pack, but this counts as one full cycle of processing.

Moreover, you have to mind that every special developing option (like Bleach Bypass or Pushing and Pulling the films) is only available for an entire pack of four films.

Can any local lab process SILBERSALZ35?

No. SILBERSALZ35 film is designed to be processed with the real cinefilm ECN2-process only. Your local lab is certainly using the simpler and lower-quality C-41 process for development.

Please be aware that true cinefilm can damage regular C-41 processing machines.

Can I visit your lab? Are there workshops?

Sure. We are based in lovely Stuttgart, Germany. If you are nearby just drop us a mail:

How will I receive my digital pictures?

Your images will be processed and scanned for you with love. 🙂

Within 14 days you will receive a personal download link from us. With SILBERSALZ35 you don’t pay extra for every megapixel.
The link contains full resolution JPG files and JP2 files with the SILBERSALZ35 color science as well as uncompressed RAW files via Dropbox.
SILBERSALZ35 Scans come slightly overscanned with a black frame around each picture. We don’t scan the perforation though.

Will I get my negatives back after scanning?

If you go for this option while placing your order – that’s possible!

Therefor, if you want to have your negatives send back to you after scanning, please select a pack which includes Negative Return while ordering your pack of SILBERSALZ35. No matter how many packs with Negative Return you have in one order, we will charge just one additional shipping fee. Hence, we wait for all the Negative Return Packs from this order to arrive before we send out the negatives.

Please understand that you will get your negatives later than the scans. We will store your negatives for two weeks after scanning, to ensure that we can rescan the films in any case.

Finally, please note that local pickup is not possible when choosing a Negative Return Pack!

How long will you store my images?

Your digital scans will be available via a personal download link for 60 days. Without selecting a pack with Negative Return during your order, your negatives will be properly destroyed.

Is there a fast-lane processing and scanning service?

Please drop us a mail:

Why do you only sell packs of four?

In order to deliver the best possible results at the same affordable price for everyone, we decided to only sell packs of four.

Do you offer other stocks and large format films?

Not yet. Please drop us a mail with any ideas or suggestions:

How does SILBERSALZ35 compare to CINESTILL?

We worked hard on adapting the whole process of analog motion picture productions for your photos.

The CINESTILL proprietary “Premoval” process makes motion picture film safe to process in standard C-41 photo chemicals. Our tests show that C-41 processing results in degraded color and contrast rendition.

SILBERSALZ35 are the actual, unchanged motion picture stocks used for films like ‘Dunkirk’,’ Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ or ‘Wonder Woman’, with true cinefilm chemical processing (ECN2). For scanning we are also using state-of-the-art cine equipment. For digital post processing we only use our own unique color science.

What’s the story behind the SILBERSALZ35 color science?

This is our little secret. Don’t ask again! 😉

What are the technical specs of my scans?

21 Megapixels. 13 stops of dynamic range and 16 bit color depth.

JPG and JP2 and RAW files.

SILBERSALZ35 Scans come slightly overscanned with a black frame around each picture. We don’t scan the perforation though.

Your images are scanned using our state-of-the-art Cintel scanners. RAW files are converted into JPG and JP2 files using our unique SILBERSALZ35 color science.

Do you guys offer photography film only?

Not at all. SILBERSALZ35 is a brand of SILBERSALZ Film.

We are an agency and film production founded by cinematographers. SILBERSALZ Film is mainly working in international advertisement.

Visit for more.

Can I mention you on my blog / Instagram?

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Feel free to link our channel @silbersalz35 and @silbersalzfilm on instagram!

We love seeing your SILBERSALZ35 images all around! #silbersalz35


How do I contact SILBERSALZ35 for press inquiries?

For press inquiries just drop us a mail at!

Is it possible to push and pull SILBERSALZ35 during processing?

Yes. Pushing and pulling SILBERSALZ35 is possible, but only for a complete pack of four films. Please use the voucher to include clear processing instructions when sending in your films. If you leave the voucher empty or out, we will process your SILBERSALZ35 films regularly. We can pull and push your films 0,5 or 1 stop.