Embracing the Power of 35 mm Film and Analog Photography with SILBERSALZ35

At SILBERSALZ35, we’re inspired by our passion for analog photography. Our commitment is reflected in our 35 mm films that capture the unique qualities of KODAK VISION3 motion picture film, bringing the unparalleled aesthetics of cine film to 35 mm film photography enthusiasts worldwide.

Achieving Superior Quality and Versatility with SILBERSALZ35 35 mm Cine film

At SILBERSALZ35, we prioritize image quality, flexibility, digital compatibility, and archival stability. Our films undergo the advanced ECN-2 method, guaranteeing the highest standards of quality and authenticity. Complemented by up to 150 megapixel scanning and a JPG & JP2 delivery, we guarantee superb results to meet the requirements of professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Discover the Ideal Film Stock for Your Project at SILBERSALZ35

At SILBERSALZ35, we understand that different shooting scenarios call for different 35 mm film stocks. Hence, we invite you to explore all our SILBERSALZ35 stocks and find the perfect match for your shooting needs.

SILBERSALZ35 050D Daylight (5500K): Exceptional Color and Organic Look

In the pursuit of a low-speed color negative motion picture film ideal for landscape, nature, outdoor, and sunlight photography? Look no further. Our SILBERSALZ35 050D offers exceptional color reproduction and an organic look, perfect for film photography enthusiasts aiming to capture the natural world with stunning clarity.

SILBERSALZ35 200T Tungsten (3200K): Versatility for Portraits and Indoor Settings

For portraits, indoor, studio, or street photography, SILBERSALZ35 200T is your reliable partner. This mid-speed color negative motion picture film offers a versatile option for capturing breathtaking images, yielding softer skin tones while maintaining excellent dynamic range.

SILBERSALZ35 250D Daylight (5500K): Vibrant Colors for Portraits and Landscapes

If vibrant colors and exceptional image quality for portraits, fashion, landscapes, and sunlight photography are your goals, SILBERSALZ35 250D is your answer. This mid-speed color negative motion picture film captures the essence of your subjects and environments with impressive clarity.

SILBERSALZ35 500T Tungsten (3200K): Ideal for Low-Light and Night Photography

When embarking on low-light conditions, night settings, street photography, or indoor shoots, SILBERSALZ35 500T is your trusted ally. This high-speed color negative motion picture film offers excellent sensitivity and delivers remarkable results even in challenging lighting situations.

ECN-2 Processing: An Overview for 35 mm Film

The ECN-2 processing is pivotal to the performance of motion picture films, including those from SILBERSALZ35. ECN-2, which stands for “Eastman Color Negative”, is a method specifically developed for modern color negative films.
Pre-Bath: Before the actual development process, the film undergoes a brief pre-bath. This step prepares the film emulsion for the developer by softening it.
Developer: In this stage, the film’s latent image is converted into a visible one. The developer acts on the silver halide grains in the film.
Stop Bath & Wash: This halts the development process, ensuring the film doesn’t over-develop.
Bleaching: Oxidized silver metals are converted back to silver halides.
Fixing: The unaltered silver halides are removed.
Final Rinse: To ensure stability and longevity, the film is given a final rinse.
Drying: The film is carefully dried to avoid water spots and ensure smoothness.

SILBERSALZ.LAB: Expanding Horizons in 35 mm Film Processing

Delving deeper into the analog realm, SILBERSALZ.LAB proudly introduces its optimized ECN-2 and APOLLON.14K processing for an expanded range of third-party film stocks. Recognizing the diverse preferences of the analog community, we’ve widened our spectrum to embrace more than just our proprietary films. From the rich colors of KODAK PORTRA and the vibrant nuances of FUJIFILM SUPERIA to the unique contrasts of ILFORD XP-2 and the cinematic tones of CINEGRELL, our lab has meticulously honed its techniques to ensure each film’s individual character shines.

Be it the warm undertones of KODAK GOLD 200, the sharpness of FUJIFILM PRO 400-H, or the retro charm of SILBERSALZ35 125T, every film tells a different story, and we’re here to ensure it’s told in the best light. It’s essential for photographers to note the unique processing approach we adopt. Films traditionally meant for slide processing, like Ektachrome E100 or Velvia 100, undergo a special cross-processing treatment under our care, turning them into negatives, enriching their aesthetic with a distinct, often surreal, color palette.

At SILBERSALZ.LAB, we understand that your choice of film is an extension of your creative vision. And with our extended support for leading brands such as Kodak, Fujifilm, Ilford, and of course, SILBERSALZ, we’re not just processing films; we’re crafting memories, frame by frame. Choose SILBERSALZ.LAB, and let us be the trusted custodian of your analog tales.

Apollon 14K UPGRADE: Your Key to Enhanced Quality

For those aiming for nothing but the best, SILBERSALZ35 offers the Apollon UPGRADE. This elevates your gallery to an astounding full quality of 14K resolution, clocking in at 14200 x 8900 PX. It doesn’t stop at just the enhanced resolution. You receive images in both JP2 16 BIT & JPG formats. The wide color space ensures the nuances of every shot are retained, providing an unmatched depth to your photos. And for the added layer of security and professionalism, the passcode for accessing these high-resolution images is shared securely via email. This upgrade ensures your work stands out, catering to the requirements of both seasoned professionals and passionate hobbyists.

Film Storage and Longevity Tips

Film, though magical, is also delicate. Proper storage ensures your film retains its quality over time:

Cool and Dry: Moisture and heat are the enemies of film. Always store in a cool, dry place, preferably a refrigerator (but never a freezer).
Original Packaging / SILBERSALZ35 HARDCASE: Retain the film’s original packaging until use to protect it from light and contaminants or use our HARDCASE.
Avoid X-rays: If traveling, request hand-checks at airports to avoid X-ray damage.
Use Before Expiry: While some photographers appreciate the effects of expired film, for the best results, use the film before its expiration date.
Archival Sleeves for Negatives: Once developed, store negatives in archival-quality plastic sleeves to prevent scratches and degradation.

The Epochal Journey: Evolution of Analog Photography

From the first pinhole cameras to the sophisticated film cameras of the 20th century, the journey of analog photography is nothing short of captivating. In the late 1800s, Kodak revolutionized photography with roll film, which was the precursor to the 35 mm film we know today. Over the decades, films evolved, offering better grain structures, increased sensitivity, and enhanced color reproduction.

During the 1950s-70s, the golden age of cinema and photography, analog film was the medium of choice for both amateurs and professionals. SILBERSALZ35’s roots lie in this rich legacy. Our films pay homage to this golden era while integrating modern technological advancements.

Choose SILBERSALZ35: Your Source for Quality and Convenience

At SILBERSALZ35, we ensure our 35 mm films not only offer extraordinary aesthetic appeal but also maintain digital compatibility and archival stability. This approach allows you to preserve, replicate, and share your 35 mm film photos without any loss in quality. Additionally, we offer negative returns service post-processing and scanning, ensuring you can keep your original 35 mm film negatives.

SILBERSALZ35: Crafting Each 35 mm Film Frame to Perfection

Discover the unique grain structure, softer skin tones, and cinematic beauty synonymous with professional cine films at SILBERSALZ35. Relish the thrill of 35 mm film photography through our high-quality film products. Every shot, every frame, every 35 mm film roll we offer testifies to our commitment to delivering the best in analog photography.

Choose SILBERSALZ35 for true cine film quality, versatility, and exceptional results. Discover the perfect film stock for your next project and unlock the full potential of your creativity with 35 mm film photography at SILBERSALZ35.

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