BBP is for brave SILBERSALZ35 users only. It provides an even more cinematic and unique look.

For BBP processing we skip the bleach bath. Why? Skipping the bleach bath gives you a lot more contrast and way less saturation, especially in the reds and blues.

Some notable cinematographers who have used Bleach Bypass Processing are Darius Khondji, Dariusz Wolski, Walter Carvalho, Oliver Stapleton, Newton Thomas Sigel, and Janusz Kamiński (notably on Steven Spielberg’s „Saving Private Ryan“ and „Minority Report“).

When using BBP, we recommend exposing SILBERSALZ35 by box speed.

Keep in mind that every special developing option (like Bleach Bypass or Pushing and Pulling the films) always counts for each voucher (1 film) or bundle voucher (4 films) only.